Who are we

Hyped on Crypto (HoC) is a team of individuals who are working hard to break the limits of what has been done before in terms of spreading the word and teaching the world about cryptocurrency. Our mission statement reflects this ambitious goal: “To build a community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors dedicated to becoming the driving force behind mass adoption.” What this means is that we plan to play a major role in bringing the ideas and concepts within the cryptosphere – from currencies to technologies – to Mainstreet. We cannot do this alone. This is why we seek to build a community encompassing everyone who is interested in crypto, from newcomers to veteran traders.

HoC consists of technical analysis, specialists in graphics and web design, YouTube streamers, experienced promoters, product and application testers, a talented team of researchers and writers, and dedicated community members who are passionate about crypto. Our knowledge and experience will continue to grow as our community grows. We are putting our blood, sweat, and tears into expanding so that our vision, that crypto will become more accessible to the world, becomes a reality.

The Team

Allen Baum – Chief Executive Officer
Landeau McDade – Chief Operating Officer
Tyler Sparks – Chief Communications Officer
Scott Gromnicki – Chief Marketing Officer
Brendan Viehman – Technology Analyst
Keaton Lee – Technical Analyst – Risk Management & Writer

Andrew DeRocco – Community Moderator
Jacoby Bayley – Community Moderator
Charlie Blankenship – Writer
Richard Houser – Writer



For general inquiries contact us via email at: contact@hypedoncrypto.com.

If you wish to be involved with Hyped on Crypto, contact the above e-mail, or Tyler Sparks (CaliforniaSparks#6476) on the Discord server.

Honorable Mentions

Rob Drake – Intro/Outro Video Designer