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Author: hypedadmin

VeChain/VeChainThor (VET/VTHO)

VeChainThor is a working Blockchain-as-a-Service project that is over 2 years old and utilizes blockchain technology to collect and distribute critical data on a variety of different products throughout their lifecycle. The technology combines a scannable smart chip with blockchain functionality to authenticate luxury brands as they move through the distribution process. VeChain also tracks and provides quality control of agricultural, dairy, and food products through their market cycle, tracks drug distribution and supports use by governments for proprietary tracking purposes. Combating global counterfeiting (costing an estimated $450 billion a year) (4), ensuring auto parts are genuine and comply...

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Golem ($GNT)

Golem Network Token is an App Coin that runs on the decentralized Ethereum platform and uses smart contracts for its system of payments (4). In essence, the Golem network is a decentralized supercomputer that provides the power of everything from individual laptops to data centers. The combined CPU capability of thousands of computers is then available to rent to folks like you and me. Rented computational power is paid for using the GNT token. Executable tasks include research, websites, business applications, crypto mining, and very complex tasks such as Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language processing and even machine learning for...

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Basic Attention Token ($BAT)

Basic Attention Token ($BAT) is an App Coin and ERC20 token built on the decentralized Ethereum platform and implemented as a smart contract (3). It is a currency designed to reward users who pay “attention” to ads of their viewing choice. It also compensates advertisers and publishers of the most popular ads. Digital advertising is becoming less effective from an actual conversion standpoint, and the prevalent use of ad blockers and trackers compounds the issue. Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox, set out with his team to solve the problem (4). The team has...

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Quantstamp ($QSP)

Quantstamp ($QSP) is all about smart contract security. It is a protocol that runs on the Ethereum network and provides a cost-effective system to audit and identify vulnerabilities in Ethereum smart contracts. Faulty smart contracts have been responsible for the loss of millions of dollars. Project leader Richard Ma and his team are solving this problem by applying a software audit system that checks the contract programs, especially on new coin offerings. In addition, Quantstamp also rewards verifiers who identify errors in the smart contracts. The QSP token is an ERC-20 token used to invest in the company, as...

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Triage for the Losing Trader – Part II

TRIAGE FOR THE LOSING TRADER – THE PORTFOLIO >>>Part I – Stop The Bleeding>>>Part III – Coming Soon Download here: Triage for the Losing Trader: The Portfolio If you liked the material here and you would like face-to-face help on Portfolio Management and creating a solid foundation with which to generate profits, you can purchase a one-on-one with the author here. Quick and Clean Portfolio for the New Speculator: 30% BTC: Long term cold storage (never touch) (1). 20% ETH: Long term cold storage (never touch). 25% Alts: Long term cold storage, 5 alts at 5% of portfolio each, sell...

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