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Author: hypedadmin

Steem ($STEEM)

Steemit is an online social media platform and social network, founded in January 2016 by Dan Larimer and Ned Scott, for the publication of quality articles, opinion pieces and how-to posts (5). Content creators develop articles on thousands of topics, which are then curated and voted on by the Steemit community, generating rewards for the authors. They rate the content by “upvoting” (the equivalent of a “Like”) good content and “downvoting” bad content (1). This creates a self-curating environment that produces highly trusted information and content. The respected reputation of the site causes excellent articles to become quickly recognized,...

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Lisk ($LSK)

Lisk is a decentralized blockchain application platform that allows users to build their own specialized blockchain networks. Essentially, developers can use Lisk’s Sidechain Development Kit to build their own blockchains that exist outside the Lisk main network (1). Decentralized applications (DApps) can then be built on top of these blockchains. Because Lisk uses JavaScript, the potential for mass adoption is larger than other cryptocurrencies that require developers to learn a specific language for that currency (2). PROS Lisk’s Sidechain Development Kit makes it easy for developers to build their own blockchains because the kit is free, open-source, and in...

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BitDegree ($BDG)

BitDegree ($BDG) is an ERC20 blockchain-based utility token that offers education through online courses, primarily for web-based professions. BDG was launched in 2017 via ICO and is the first study application using blockchain-based technology. BDG provides students with courses, supported by a reward system and the ability to track and evaluate their progress. Token scholarships, using Ethereum smart contracts (“smart incentives”), are offered to students who successfully complete courses. Positive student performance also attracts organizations in search of tech talent. BDG has a highly experienced founding team and several strong financial partners backing the project. BDG currently offers over...

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Ontology ($ONT)

Ontology ($ONT) is public multi-chain project and “distributed trust collaboration platform” focused on verifying identity and creating trust on the blockchain. Ontology has partnered with NEO to bridge the gap between businesses and the blockchain. Ontology was privately funded and started in 2017 by Onchain, an existing Chinese blockchain company (1). PROS Ambitious project aimed at solving major problems: identity, trust, and data management Experienced team of Founders and developers Partnered with NEO, an established blockchain project ONT holders will accumulate “ONG” (or Ontology Gas) after the mainnet launches Can be used in a wide variety of scenarios including...

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PIVX ($PIVX), or Private Instant Verified Transaction, is a transactional cryptocurrency designed to provide a globally private and secure means of online exchange. Utilizing the blockchain, PIVX provides ultra-low fees and fast transaction times, maintains a sustainable supply model, and is not susceptible to 51% attacks (1). Originally forked from DASH, another privacy coin (2), the PIVX development team’s mission is to be the fastest and lowest cost digital currency while maintaining stability via a self funding model. PIVX uses Proof of Stake (PoS) reward-based algorithm, decentralized governance, and has vigorous and passionate support from its Decentralized Autonomous Organization...

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