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Author: hypedadmin

Substratum ($SUB)

Designed to decentralize the internet, Substratum ($SUB) aims to allow everyone to access all information on the web, without restriction from corporate or government control. To further reduce centralized control, Substratum Nodes will not only securely mask and route traffic, but also be able to host content, disrupting the ability for ISPs to slow or block traffic (1). PROS Running a node earns Substrate Open and transparent Removes government and corporate ability to censor content Masks traffic as traditional encrypted data CONS Not currently open-sourced The stronger the privacy, the slower the speed Deeper Dive The Substratum Network is...

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Status ($SNT)

Status is a mobile, open sourced, and community-focused Ethereum client that acts as a decentralized browser, private messenger, and gateway (1). The Status platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain and provides access to all of Ethereum’s decentralized applications (DApps) through Status’s smartphone app. This includes an encrypted social media platform, where you can send payments and smart contracts to friends within your chats (2). PROS Status Network is open source and free Governance is in the hands of SNT coin holders Working product and hardwallet Open bounties – open source collaboration solutions for both developers and organizations to...

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Triage for the Losing Trader – Part I

TRIAGE FOR THE LOSING TRADER: STOP THE BLEEDING >>>Part II – The Portfolio>>>Part III – Coming Soon Download here: Triage for the Losing Trader: Stop The Bleeding If you like the material here and you would like face-to-face help on Triage and learning to save yourself from yourself, you can purchase a one-on-one with the author here. Stop the Bleeding Now. Do not trade with leverage until you are consistently profitable. Put 50% of your portfolio in BTC/ETH cold storage and do not touch it. Do not put more FIAT into crypto to “make back losses.” Do not put...

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Siacoin ($SC)

Sia ($SC) is a peer to peer storage platform that is decentralized, open source, and private. The Sia Storage Platform was built on its own blockchain and launched by Nebulous, Inc. in 2015. Sia provides an alternative to centralized cloud storage from companies like DropBox or Google Drive, by using unused hard drive capacity from Sia users (1, 2). PROS Private – uploaded files are encrypted and distributed across a decentralized network Affordable – Storing 1TB of files on Sia costs $2 per month (4) Open Source Peer to Peer Core protocol is independent and decentralized (5) CONS Updates...

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Populous ($PPT)

Populous is a peer-to-peer financial support platform based in the United Kingdom, running as an ERC20 token on Ethereum’s distributed ledger blockchain. Populous enables companies to utilize a business finance tool called invoice financing by introducing legitimate business invoice buyers to invoice sellers. It provides a place to exchange invoices worldwide, via auctions and smart contracts in a safe, secure, and transparent environment (1). PROS No competition Fast  Less expensive than traditional methods No intermediaries Global currencies Competitive auctions Lower risk No investment limits CONS Difficulty with acceptance and adoption Capable but less experienced developers Deeper Dive In today’s...

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